About Positive Thesaurus

What is the Positive Thesaurus blog about?

The Positive Thesaurus blog is foremost about researching positive words besides the topics of positive psychology and self-help tips for self-improvement (like tips for productivity, motivation and inspiration).

About Dictionary of Positivity - Positivity in Your Pocket book:

The purpose and aim of the book (link goes to Gumroad shop) is simple and clear:

1. To be the most extensive collection of positive, productive, motivational and uplifting words.
2. Give a fast and easy way to find positive words.
3. Helpful tool in writing and quick source of inspiration.
4. Jolly and optimistic way to learn a bit of English and wacky words.

What are the reasons behind which words are chosen and considered to be positive?

Words that are considered to be positive has to have at least one definition, that can be considered to be positive.

Some words with positive connotations might have also negative connotations, and the book contains only positive definitions of those words, because in this way the book serves its purpose much better, by being less cluttered.

The words are considered to be positive, if the description of the word contains:

- Positive emotions like joy, happiness, dedication, motivation, inspiration, patience, calmness, empathy, security.
- Positive characteristics like beauty, intelligence, knowledge, activeness, productivity, improvement, betterment, protection, an increase of something (in scope, size, level, rank, quantity, movement etc.).

About the author of the Positive Thesaurus:

Juha Salmela, a rock hard geologist, computer geek, metal music maniac and lousy drummer. Juha has lived in Finland his whole life in eight different cities - currently in city called Turku - but has finally found his true home in internet - where his war against gloom and doom with boom is an ongoing battle.

Juha's "small" wish is to make the world more happier, fair, magical and better place for all beings on the planet Earth.

Author of Dictionary of Positivity