How to improve your productivity by using reverse psychology " to achieve your daily goals"

Brain hacking tip to improve productivity by using reverse psychology

Are you that kind of a person who works by using a pre-planned hourly time limit - today I have to work at least four hours - to achieve marvelous daily goals, but often fail to do so? I was and I still am. The idea came about a year ago while I was jogging and pondering how to get things done more efficiently and less "frustrating manner".

Fortunately there is a way to convert that "hourly daily achievement system" weakness to strength by using a reverse psychology - which might mightily work for you also. Oh the joy!

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So how to improve your productivity by reverse psychology?

It's really super simple and here is the simple example. Just reverse your "today I must work at least 4 hours" thought pattern with "today I can work only 4 hours" and use a clock to track your allowed total daily work time.

How that change in thought pattern will or could help? I can of course just talk about my experience and how marvelously it worked for me. I'm very aware, that it doesn't necessarily work for all individuals, since we all are little bit different - thank God, it would be horrible to live only with clones of yourself!

I started use this method so, that I allowed myself to work only one hour in a day and after I have spent that "one allowed work hour" I would restrict and deny myself to work anymore in that day. This created an urgency to do and tackle my daily goals super fast and my mind was saying basically "how I can cope with all that stuff which I have to do and get those done in time". Well, I couldn't achieve all the goals that I wanted to get done in a such short time - which was actually really fine and motivational.

So before I went to sleep, I planned, that I would allow myself to do work two hours in total on the next day. That's because one hour wasn't nearly enough to get things done and left unsatisfied feeling - because I couldn't do all that I wanted - but at the same time it was huge motivation boost to do more on the next day. By using this reverse psychology method, I nowadays work about 6-8 hours daily to tackle and do my daily goals - which was in the past quite hard for me to do.

Have a super hyper extra duper productive day and share your own awesome productivity improvement tips!

ps. You are the best and you too and you over there and everywhere.